Burney Falls

On my way up to Oregon, I decided to break up the journey by stopping at Burney Falls in northern California. The trouble is, I hadn’t been able to find any information about the best time of day (morning? afternoon?) to photograph it. Well, as I discovered, the falls face virtually due east, and so evening (when I was there) is not the best time as (1) the falls are in shadow and (2) the sky showing above the top of the falls is so bright it is mostly burnt out.


Unfortunately, early morning isn’t much good either. This is because the falls are in quite a deep gorge (see where I took the above photo from) and so the falls are in shadow first thing in the morning too. My guess is that mid morning (say 10-11am) would be the best, as the sun would be high enough to light the inside of the gorge. I wouldn’t know, as I had to leave early, so I just took these two snaps with the iPhone.


The young woman below was having some photos taken for her portfolio (so one of the photographer’s assistants told me). I’m not sure exactly who she was supposed to be, but it was different. I hope the pro shots work out for her.